Thursday, December 29, 2016

Starbucks Expanding

Starbucks opening more domestic stores, stores in China, and their new high-end Reserve stores. 

ICSC Article

QSR Magazine Article

2 Minutes Left & You're Down a Goal

The holidays allow me some time to work on a post or two that are more philosophical than newsworthy.  This article is one of those posts. 

In case you haven’t noticed, our business requires we move at an extremely fast pace.  So much happens, so fast, it’s like sports.  Just like in sports, you need to work like there’s only 2 minutes left in the game and you’re down a goal.  Imagine you’re playing under those circumstances, I’m going to bet you’re hustling.  Who likes to lose?  I hate it.  It drives me.  The thought of not giving it your best, the thought of losing, turns my stomach.

If you are a broker, your income is purely commission.  Can you afford to go slow?  Can you afford to get in late?  Can you afford to operate at 75%?  You may need the alarm in the morning, but it shouldn’t be what gets you out of bed.  You shouldn’t need to think whether you need to stay a little bit longer to make one more phone call or send one more email.   We are only on this “ride” once.  Do your best!

Clients, referrals, good teammates and your reputation are all precious.  You have to treat clients with the respect and give them the service they deserve.  Otherwise, someone will be happy to do it for you.  When you hire and work with the best teammates, they make the long grind playing with urgency so much more fun.  Even if you are working at your maximum, you will still achieve more clients and they will be happier when you’re having fun.  The right team is wonderful and they provide you the motivation necessary to work at such a faster pace and be so much more productive.  Someone once said to me, “many hands make light work”.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Play (work) with purpose, play with urgency, leave nothing on the field.