Saturday, April 29, 2017

Internet Immune....or "Less Immune" Retail

Creating this list was an exercise I thought worth the time and effort.  I wondered what a comprehensive list of Internet immune, or should I say "less immune", retail looked like in today's world.  For this effort, I did not include restaurants. 

We all need to be cognizant of who we represent, the tenants we call for space, and the tenants who occupy retail properties.  Tenant mix has always been very important, however it's more important now than ever. 

With technology, the rate of change in our world is becoming faster and faster.  Therefore, our business will be dramatically different 5 years from now.  I'm not here to say it will be either good or bad.  We simply need to be shifting, adjusting, and finding new opportunities. 

I hope this list helps.  What would you change or add?

Special thanks to some of the Retail Brokers Network members who contributed to this list. 

Arts & Crafts
Auto Parts
Auto Repair
Automotive Sales - New & used
Bike Shop
Blow Dry Bar
Cable/Internet Providers - Ex. Comcast/Xfinity
Car Dealer
Car Wash
Cell Stores - Agent stores
Check Cashing
Construction Equipment
Credit Union
Dance Studio
Dental - Ex. Aspen, Smile Exchange
Discount Clothing - Ex. TJX, Ross
Dollar Stores
Drugs - Immediate prescription
Dry Cleaning
Entertainment - Movies, Skyzone, rock climbing, go-carts, trampoline, etc.
Eye Doctor
Eye Glasses
Gas & Convenience
Groceries - Perishables
Hardware / Home Improvement
Home Furnishings - ex. Just Cabinets
Lawn Equipment
Learning Services - ex. Sylvan, Kumon, Huntingdon
Martial Arts
Medical Marijuana
Medical Testing - ex. Quest Diagnostics
Men's Business Clothing - ex. Men's Warehouse
Motor Cycle Dealer
Paint Stores
Party Goods
Pet Supplies
Pool Supply
Real Estate Office
Rehab/Physical therapy
Rental Car
Rental Equipment
Second Hand Clothing - ex. Clothes Mentor, Plato's Closet
Shipping - Ex. FedEx, UPS
Shoe Stores - Ex. DSW
Signs - Ex. Fast Signs
Specialty - Cycle Gear
Specialty - Kids First Swim
Sporting Goods - Smaller versions
Tax Prep
Uniform Store
Urgent Care - Ex. Concentra, Patient First, Aspire
Weight Loss - Ex. Jenny Craig
Wine & Beer
Yoga Studio

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kohl's Opening Stores

Kohl's opening stores.
Old stores about 100k SF.
New stores about 70k SF.
Online sales flat where Kohl's stores closed. 
Kohl's online sales increased 12% last year. Article

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

American Retail at a Historic Tipping Point

NY Times Article
I enjoyed this article as it helps tell today's retail story better than many of the articles I have read.  Retail is changing and evolving.  To many people, in the segments most affected, it may seem like the sky is falling.  However, on a larger scale, it isn't.  Change in life is a constant and retail is experiencing it.  If retailers and industry particpants who have not changed and evolved with the marketplace end up folding, is it the market's fault or that of the retailer/particpant?  With technology and instant access to information via the Internet, the rate of change in general has sped up exponentially.  It's not just retail that's changing so quickly, it's the world.  Retail is just a small part of it.  So, for many who have been in the retail world for decades, today's evolution seems like a cataclysmic shift.  Embrace this change.  Figure it out and then work with it.  There's a silver lining filled with advantages.  You just have to work to uncover it.