Monday, February 26, 2018

Equity Retail Brokers Needs Another Tenant Rep Agent

We would love to have another person join our team and learn the business from the ground up.  If you have interest or know someone who would be a good candidate, we would certainly appreciate connecting.  My number is 610-645-7700 x108. 

Thank you. 

Job Title:                  Tenant Representation Agent

Location:                  Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

Department:             Tenant Representation

Job Purpose:          Learn and understand retail commercial real estate tenant representation brokerage.  Service existing tenant representation clients, while working to identify and secure additional business.


Position Description:

Tenant representation agents assist individuals and companies in establishing a market strategy to open new retail stores and restaurants.  The agents identify prospective new locations based on each client's respective requirements and work with the client to assess their future viability.  Once a site or space is determined to have potential, the agent will negotiate the general business terms of a lease or purchase.  If a lease or sale is negotiated, the broker will assist the client in the preparation of materials for the client's real estate committee presentation and approval.  


Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Learn about and ultimately become an expert tenant representation agent or broker.
  2. Shadow senior Principals in servicing existing clients.
  3. Gather required due diligence information on new sites to be presented to respective clients.
  4. Accompany senior Principals on tours with clients.
  5. Survey the various markets to identify new sites for respective clients.
  6. Identify prospective clients and solicit those prospects with Principals.
  7. Directly interact with clients.  
  8. Drive retail markets with and without senior Principals to become familiar with the respective areas. 
    1. Candidate will need a presentable car in good working condition. 
    2. Auto expenses are not reimbursed.
Key Working Relationships

  1. Work under the supervision of senior Principals.
  2. After being provided with basic direction, work under your own initiative.
  3. Coordinate and work with the Marketing Department and Office Manager in the preparation of client materials.
  4. Exercise excellent communication and maintain both internal and external relationships with all staff and clients.  
  5. Develop and maintain relationships with other Equity Retail agents to gain market knowledge and exchange referrals.
Qualifications & Traits

  1. Entrepreneurial experience and mindset.
  2. Competitive endeavors in life.
  3. Business background or experience.
  4. Self-starter.
  5. History of managing many overlapping responsibilities in a busy environment a plus.  
  6. Must have engaging/outgoing personality to better interact face-to-face with clients and new contacts.
  7. Strong ability to operate a Windows based computer and software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  8. Must be comfortable with technology, both mobile (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and desktop.
  9. Appetite for improvement, change, and innovation to improve clients services and strengthen relationships.
  10. Basic experience with video editing of any kind would be an added bonus.
  11. Real Estate License
    1. Candidate must have or be willing to acquire a Pennsylvania Real Estate License.
    2. Candidate will ultimately need to acquire a New Jersey and a Delaware Real Estate License.


  1. Candidates should understand the ultimate tenant representation position is a commissioned real estate job. 
    1. While acting as an apprentice, a salary will be provided. 
  2. After sixty (60) days, medical and dental insurance to be provided. 
  3. The salary will be provided for the first year, with an employer option for a second year.  
  4. New agent positions with a salary are rarely seen in the commercial real estate industry. 
  5. Equity Retail Brokers created this salaried position, so the new agent could learn and train without the pressure of earning commissions. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

NEW STORES - November/December 2017

There are certainly fewer openings in November and December due to the focus on the holiday shopping season.  That fact is reflected in the shorter list below. 
Please note, this list was compiled using a Google Alert for "new stores".  The list is not guaranteed to be complete, but serves as a reference for the retail real estate community.  My hope is that it will be useful to you in some form or fashion.  In the least, it can serve as a sign of the activity in the market or spur ideas when leasing properties. 

If my colleagues and I can be of service, please don't hesitate to contact me at 484-417-2208.  I can also be found on Instagram and Twitter (@RobSamtmann).  Thank you.

Aldi - Evans Mills, NY
Aldi - Kennesaw, GA

Aldi - Laguna Woods, CA
Aldi - Waterloo, IA
Apple - Austin, TX
Apple - Raleigh, NC
Deluth Trading - Waukesha, WI
Deluth Trading - Wixom, MI

Dollar General - Edwardsville, PA
Dollar General - Myrtle Beach, SC
Dollar General - Norfolk, VA
Family Dollar - Las Vegas, NV

Fred Meyer - Gig Harbor, WA
Grocery Outlet - McKinleyville, CA
HEB - Huntsville, TX
HEB - San Antonio, TX
H&M - Pasadena, CA
Hobby Lobby - Holyoke, MA
Ikea - Grand Prairie, TX
LIDL - Vineland, NJ
Starbucks - Trenton, NJ
Target - Richmond, TX

UPS - Watertown, NY
Wegmans - Medford, MA

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

15 Companies Opening New Stores

This article provides a good accounting of 15 companies opening new stores.

Business Insider Article

Kohl's Wants to Partner With Grocery Stores

This link is for the CNBC story of Kohl's excess space, as it right-sizes its stores.  One of the concepts they believe would work nicely as a co-tenant in this excess space is grocery. 

There will be many factors to consider including the following as Best Buy knows all to well when they tried to sublease space. 
  • Exclusivity lease clauses of other co-tenants
  • Expenses associated with splitting space, utilities, and installing new mechanicals
  • Physical configuration of the space and will it operationally work

CNBC Story